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Based on the data between 2012 and 2018, it is suggested that at some point during their lifetime approximately 45 per cent of women and men will be diagnosed with cancer. 

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About Helping Hands Cancer Foundation 

Helping Hands Cancer Foundation (HHCF) has been established in the commemoration of Late Professor Mohammad Akram Mir. The foundation is a voluntary based platform for promoting the cause of providing support, care and cure to the cancer patients. HHCF will be working in a holistic and synchronized way for achieving its cause. HHCF will start providing cancer related support & care to the patients of the Kashmir region and with community support expand to the other regions.

Create a platform of support, care and cure for the cancer patients

Conduct Patient- Attendant-Family counselling meetings/sessions

Organize cancer awareness programs and sessions among young generation

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A Cancer diagnosis turns a person's world upside down emotionally, physically & financially. Our aim is to join the ailing community in these tough times.

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